The coming storm
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The coming storm

Here she is! Again, blurry photo because I’m at college now and I don’t have a scanner, much less the crappy one from home that’s been broken for at least a year and my parents won’t bother to get fixed. But it looks decent, I hope.

I kind of repeatedly fucked up the carpet and then my gold paint, which was out for the lantern, got splashed on it, so I just went “fuck this” and used paints instead of colored pencils on the carpet. Oh well.

I gave her darker skin because dark skinned Rhode is awesome and why not? I had to ink the lace gloves and high heels over so they could actually be seen, but I think they turned out well. I. Had a lot of fun with her outfit, in particular her dress.


The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is that one is a compulsory monthly event, and the other one is probably because you were being a dick.

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Hello, all. It’s been…about a week since I last posted anything. I’ve been in class and doing other college-related stuff for the most part, though I’d not swamped with homework, and my Cards Against Humanity set was as popular with my classmates as mother predicted. Other real life stuff also happened—I got my stitches out, so I have to keep hydrating the holes where my wisdom teeth were to keep them clean and let them heal. And a friend went to the hospital…that got ugly fast. I’m going to head home with my mother tomorrow morning to spend Saturday and Sunday morning at my house before coming back, since my college is sponsoring a trip to the Inner Harbor.

I finished the Rhode prom AU pic, and I’ll be posting that momentarily. I’ll be on again later this afternoon, I’m working on finishing all my homework for the weekend so I can have the maximum amount of free time possible. I’ll be saying more about the past week later.


From what I am aware, Lolita fashion was slowly developed as a sort of protest against the increase of revealing clothing. It’s supposed to be cute or elegant, not sexy.

Completely different from any relation to Lolita, the novel about a young, sexually active girl that inspired the term…

As a Lolita (fashion-wise) and someone who had to read that abomination of a book, yes. You are correct. “Lolis” is a term of sexualization used on cute young women that resulted from the popularity of Nabokov’s Lolita, and seeing people mix up Lolicon ideas with Lolita fashion, which is meant to be cute, modest, and elegant as a general rule, is something that always pisses me off.

I’m moving into my dorm room in roughly twelve hours…and meeting my two roommates for the first time. Classes don’t start until Monday, but there are meetings and orientation things to do all weekend long…

I just finished packing. It was difficult, tiring, and less than enjoyable. Especially because my mother kept randomly hugging me. Considering I was generally holding something heavy and trying not to drop it when she would do that, I got irritated quickly. I love her and I’ll miss her, but I’m a 20 minute drive away and I dislike dropping boxes on my feet.

I did cuddle with her and my sister and watched Thor in relative peace and harmony earlier. The pets all behaved for once and joined us, though Maude had to settle for the floor because she’s a lab and she had just gone swimming in the pond. No wet dogs on the couches around here, especially big, messy dogs like Maude.

I got into the dorm I wanted. Freshmen have to live on campus unless they have a special exemption or only attend part-time. I’m in the only all-female dorm, which also is the classiest, least disruptive, and the only dorm to currently have fully functional central heating and cooling. My roommates should be non-smokers, non-drinkers, and tolerant of my sexuality and artistic related quirks, hopefully. My school is a rainbow school—while the numbers of MOGAI students and staff aren’t nearly as high as one of the other schools on my list, it has a long history of tolerance and support. It was originally a women’s college, which is a big influence on that. I have lived in a dorm and in a cabin full of preteen girls before, but never for longer than a month, so I’m not as nervous as I could be, but I’m still a bit apprehensive.

Sweet nightmares, my lovelies.

Snow out~


I love all of the characters on this list that I’m familiar with, meaning all but Hajime and Chrome. You have great taste in characters.


*hugs you* You’re very sweet, darling. Thank you, and you’re welcome.


MISSING: Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days. She was last seen in the Lower East Side of New York City. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and slim. If you see her please email Thank you

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Lenalee is the most responsible babysitter after the Head Nurse, so Marie and Miranda prefer to have her watch the baby if she’s available. Jerry loves to watch the baby, but he’s busy in the kitchen most of the day, so he rarely gets the chance to babysit. Allen is one of the child’s favorite babysitters because he teaches them all sorts of cool tricks, from sleight of hand and juggling to picking locks. Lavi forgets the child’s reading level and tries to keep the kid entertained by reading out loud, though later on he’ll play building blocks and smash down the play buildings to amuse the child. Lenalee or Allen is always with him while Lavi is around the child because Lavi is an over enthusiastic overgrown dork baby and he needs to be careful when playing. Kanda is the child’s favorite babysitter, because the child is fascinated by his hair and enjoys climbing all over him like a monkey.


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POUNDS. They’re pounds not euros, dear lord






A simple PSA, lest your tail-sporting character look like they’re walking around with a really long poop hanging out of their pants.



The second one is actually anatomically correct. You’d have to either have a second spinal extremity, de-attach the spine from the sacrum, or somehow get rid of the entire sacrum—which is a large chunk of the pelvis and one of the last bones in the spine. It’s the bone that supports the spine and attaches it to the pelvis. Without it, you destabilize the entire skeleton. It’s that hard place nestled between our booty cheeks that always makes us uncomfortable on hard seating.

The tail would logically extend from the sacrum—that’s where the coccyx protrudes from. The tiny tail piece left over from our ancestors. That’s where the tail protrudes from on non-humans, and yeah, that makes it a “butthole tail.”

Sorry to add the commentary but I study anatomy and it’s hard to overlook stuff like this. I feel that misinformation should be stopped whenever possible.

Thank god someone said it. That first image literally had the tail coming from the small of the back. Spines don’t work like that. The only reason it looks ‘wrong’ is because (most) animals don’t have butt cheeks like humans.

also that’s not even where a butthole is has no one seen a cat/dog/horse tail buttplug


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ok but imagine this; kanda trying a new way to piss allen off by using shitty pick up lines mostly provided by lavi and just flirting with him all the time to try and make him uncomfortable but little does he know that allen is the flirting MASTER so it turns into an all-out war of bad pick up lines and awful puns