The coming storm
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The coming storm

I have school later this morning…it’s high time I take my insomnia meds and hit the hay.

Sweet nightmares, my lovelies.

Snow out~


i do not have the time OR the patience for people who refuse to acknowledge my existence




A quick PSA, because working in a New Age store I realize a lot of people don’t know this.  Keep in mind this is the simple version.

The fella on the left-hand side, that’s Gautama Buddha, the Buddha, the central figure in Buddhism.  Note that he is not considered a god, but a teacher and spiritual leader, the first to attain Enlightenment in his era.  Note also how thin he is.  This is because the Buddha fasted a lot.  He was born Siddhartha Gautama.  Buddha is a title, and not actually his name.

The fella on the right-hand side is not Buddha.  This is a common misconception in the West.  That is Hotai (or Budai or Hotei depending on the language), a Buddhist monk from China and folkloric hero.  Hotai is thought by many to be a Buddha, but he is not the Buddha.  Unlike Buddha, Hotai actually is revered as a god in Chinese folklore, although not in Buddhist practice.

This post is based on things I’ve been taught by my Buddhist coworker but if I forgot or mixed up something important and you are Buddhist and you notice, please let me know.

This has been an informational post.  Have a nice day.



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*straddles your lap and frenches you* How's that for a kiss?




that was totally frickin unexpected man wat the heckie :U

You asked for a kiss. And my gf was egging me on. She literally cackled at me when I did that. You know by this point that I’m a shameless flirt; I’m surprised that you didn’t anticipate that one.

nO BUT you gave inu like a pECK ´ಠ/// Д ///ಠ`

And? I’d say if it were a serious thing hon. I do the same shit to Saya all the time. If it makes you uncomfortable I’ll stop, I just wasn’t expecting you to react badly since I’ve done this as a joke before. That and Inu is my cuddle buddy-we cuddle. Though we do throw in kisses here and there like we just did a bit ago.















10/10 would urinate on some titans again


Something very sad happened today, and I would like to share this story in hopes that it will help someone else in a similar situation.

I was selling my art at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco today, and during the end of the day, right after I finished packing up, a nicely dressed…


why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"



Can we all just take a moment to reflect on the fact that Idina Menzel has made her career by saying “Fuck all of you basic bitches” through song?




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Whew. I had a minor panic attack trying to think of whatever offensive thing I must have done…

No, baby,you’ve done nothing wrong. Colorado just decided to snow today, when yesterday it was 70 degrees outside. That’s what I was complaining about, so don’t you worry.

Okay then. Sorry about the weather, I hate when that happens. Mountainous areas rapidly change in the spring and fall…annoying to deal with.

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*straddles your lap and frenches you* How's that for a kiss?


that was totally frickin unexpected man wat the heckie :U

You asked for a kiss. And my gf was egging me on. She literally cackled at me when
I did that. You know by this point that I’m a shameless flirt: I’m surprised that you didn’t anticipate that one.


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What did I do?

Lol, not you, silly pants. 

Whew. I had a minor panic attack trying to think of whatever offensive thing I must have done…



Anastasia Beverly Hills HyperColor Brow and Lash Tint Review by Bows and Curtseys

Now your eyebrows and eyelashes can be main characters too!

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Think about this shit.







I live a 30 minute drive from here and this is an utter and complete tragedy. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families and I am hoping that they all recover fully from this terrifying act.

I am wondering, though, about the elephant in the room: white male violence.

With each tragedy and incident of mass violence perpetrated at the hands of white men, these discussions come up, although white progressives usually subsume them under discussions about gun control (which is also necessary, but let us not forget that white men also have disproportionate gun ownership in this country over other racial and gender groups). The Newton massacre was yet another reminder of this, and now again, today:

White boy walks into school (or other public institution), and goes on a rampage wounding or killing dozens in the process.

Why is this not surprising anymore? Well the facts:

70% of mass killings in the U.S. since 1982 have been by white men

Check out this timeline of mass shootings in the U.S. to see for yourself.

Many of us POC and black folks in particular wax long about this, but what if the statistics were reversed and 70% of mass killings in the U.S. were being committed by black men rather than white men? How would that not spark a national conversation about black male violence and also be used to pathologize black men as (even more) criminal and violent?

But at the same time, it’s so clear that the ways in which whiteness and maleness operates is by conferring invisibility on the subject. It allows us to give these boys and men the benefit of the doubt, when we would never do the same for a POC. It allows us to be willfully obtuse about the need for us to address male violence across all racial lines (due to patriarchy)  and specifically white male violence and their internalized desire to control their environments and surroundings, leading to these incidents of mass violence (due to white supremacist patriarchy). 

We would think that in a country where violence and genocide perpetrated by white men has been with us since 1492, that this wouldn’t be a conversation that we could somehow “miss.” You would think that with incident after incident of mass violence, that we would try to address the larger systems of domination (white supremacist capitalist patriarchy) which these boys and men have internalized, rather than deflecting immediately into an ableist discussion of their mental health. Addressing these systems of domination is an act of love and empathy for all people, them included, to create a society of love, compassion and mutual respect, where mass acts of violence like this are a thing of the past.

But, no, this is America. What do you expect?

Again my heart goes out to the victims and their families and I wish you all a speedy recovery in this difficult time. 

Also addressing a related issue that always goes unquestioned in the wake of these tragedies is why it is only these acts of violence in upper-middle class neighborhoods that are marked as tragedies, when dispossessed communities of color are visited daily by the violence of the state and a racist capitalist misogynist anti-queer society.

As my African American Studies professor noted, the media and these communities always say “Why us? This isn’t supposed to happen here”, with the obvious implication that such violence should only happen “there”.

can we NOT turn this into a discussion of social justice just yet?

something terrible happened. I don’t care if a white, black, hispanic, asian, or any other race did it. no need to turn this into some pretentious PSA about racism and how much murica sucks yet.

Funny how when the discussion of white pathology comes up, somebody always has to go ‘can we not turn it into a soshul juztis post?”


This NEEDS to be discussed.

As long as white people continue to mass murder at an overwhelming rate and still be given the benefit of the doubt while POC are killed by police for sneezing wrong, IT WILL BE A SOSHUL JUZTIZ ISSUE

Deal with it.

White male violence needs to be deconstructed, analyzed, broken down, everything

White male violence is the root of this issue

reblogging for the commentary

I mean really, it is a social justice issue already because it does demonstrate that there was some social wrong that needs to be addressed; analyzing it further by bringing race into it is necessary because as the people above expressed, it’s a fuckin’ trend.It’s amazing to what lengths people will go to remain comfortable when problems are staring them right in the face, really.

My gf and I are making cat noises at each other over Skype. We are both enormous dorks and devoted cat lovers.f